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Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Institute

The birth of the Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Plant traces its origins back to 22 December 1832, the date on which King Charles Albert of Savoy, with a "Regio Viglietto" founded the Superior Council of the Sardinian Army, among whose members a chemist was welcomed pharmacist.

In 1853 a Military Pharmacy depot was established in Turin by Vittorio Emanuele II to which a General Chemical Pharmaceutical Laboratory was annexed with the aim of producing all the medicines necessary for the Health and Veterinary Service for the Army of Earth, Military Hospitals, Military Corps , Military Establishments and Infirmaries. Subsequently it changed several names taking the name of "Central Military Pharmacy" in 1884.

On 23 December 1900 the famous "State Quinine" was born by the Pharmacist Col. Carlo Martinotti for the treatment of Malaria.

In 1920 it took on the name of Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Institute, then after its transfer to Florence in 1931, it took on the current name of Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Establishment (SCFM) in 1976.

Since 2001, the plant has been employed by the Defense Industries Agency.

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