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Military chocolate has been supplied to the army as part of the daily ration since 1937. These chocolate rations were first introduced in the United States, both to improve troop morale and as an emergency energy ration and above all easily transportable. In 1943 it was decided to intervene on the production of this chocolate, improving its flavor and making it even more resistant to heat. After several experiments, the so-called Tropical bar was created and others followed over time, which tried, and still try, to improve these two factors. The fact is that these bars were really used a lot in numerous missions and not only during wars and armed conflicts. In fact, a ration was also included on board Apollo 15 and chocolate is still used in NASA missions, as a tasty, very energetic and light food in terms of weight, a fundamental characteristic for space missions. Today you have the opportunity to access this exceptional quality product yourself and offer it as an opportunity to your customers, as well as enjoy it for yourself.

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