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Who we are

A group of entrepreneurs, that has operated with success in various fields including food industry, in which, thanks to a winning strategy, achieved in short time international nominee, has firmly believed in the value of the project Fonderia del cacao.

The Mission is identified in “Spread the knowledge of the high quality cocoa to the consumer.”
and contemporarily give the possibility to consumer to appreciate the technique of production thanks to a structure technologically advanced that guarantees quality and characteristics differently un-achievable.
Full process controlled from 0 to F%.

In the half of 1500 the Superior of Father Bernardino returning from the trip in the Americhe, before arriving in Spain, he stopped to visit the Cardinal Ferdinando dei Medici, that later became Granduca di Toscana, to leave him the only original copy translated from Indio to Spanish of twelve books where the use of the cocoa and the chocolate was reported..
Subsequently the family Medici financed the trip of Francesco Carletti around the world to explore and catalog products. Carletti returning in Italy brought the first seeds of cocoa.
The documentation confirms that this was the first cocoa arrived in Italy.
The codes of Bernardino have been found during the passage of deliveries by the family Medici to the family Lorena at the end of 1600 – beginning 1700 when it was taken the inventory of all its properties and the secret library was discovered.
From that date the codes have maintained in the Biblioteca Laurenziana in Florence under the name of Codice Florentino.

Fonderia del Cacao has elected Ecuador as country of attention for the development of the selection of origin. The great climatic variety of this marvellous country made that the same arboreal of Cocoa Fino de Aroma evolved in the years taking tasting notes and completely different perfumes.
“As Darwin”, Fonderia del Cacao studies the plants of cocoa how they naturally modify increasing its own characteristics adjusting on the microclimate of every single region.
From well known Origins as, Los Rios – Manabi – Esmeraldas, Fonderia goes to select Amazonian particular tastes as Sucumbios – Orellana and down to flavours of the south coast El Oro, Guayas and why not the islands.
Fonderia del Cacao, through an investment already financed, always in the optics of the Fair Trade, will not operate in Ecuador with an intervention colonizer, on the contrary it will work with with the curiosity of a researcher, ready to collaborate and to absorb the local experience on the cocoa and doing the best for the raising of the quality of life of the local populations.
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