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Fonderia del Cacao firmly believes in the sustainability of its own projects and to do this put its efforts since the beginning to assure that its purchases are in the ethical certainty of the Fair Trade.
To be sure to respect these principles F% had to guarantee its own direct presence in the places of cultivation and process.
The wish of the firm is to work in close contact with the producers, actually particularly in South America, in order to help them to maintain
in life the Cocoa Nacional Fino de Aroma as well as the social life that rotates around the associations that are created for this reason .
The roadmap for a project of investment, not speculative, in the zones of mono origin in Ecuador has already been traced and it will bring,
through an accord with the associations and the government authority , to the maintenance of the kind and to work on improvement of the
fermentation processes that is the first of the fundamental passages to maintain all the not repeatable characteristics and the taste of the
Arriba Fino de Aroma.
The project has stung as focal the maintenance and recovery of the areas already destined to the plantation of the Cocoa therefore in the
respect of the Forest and of the delicate Amazonian areas aiming to fight the cut of trees for new intensive cultivation..

Why we privilege dark mono origin chocolate

As well known to all, the good melting chocolate is characterized by a sweet note reason why already in the pre-Hispanic civilizations was elected Food of the Gods. Excessive bitterness is often instead symptom of bad fermentation and scarce quality of the picked seed, the acidity must be contained and the astringency must not be apparent.
The selection of the origins Cru and Gran Cru, guarantee the real taste of cocoa. The unbelievable biodiversity in Ecuador make that the same plant grown in different regions gave a product, equally of excellent quality, with different taste characteristics among them. More known zones as Los Rios, Manabì, El Oro and others where the experts of F% have decided to push its research, like the valleys of the river Napo or the Amazonian cultivations of Orellana, are tasted and evaluate every season choosing only what can assure a top selection quality to the experts lovers of Dark Mono Origin.
The Cocoa is a fruit of the nature and the organic cultivation plus the variable climatic conditions cause a non repetitively flavour, every season it has a taste every origin has an aroma, F% works in this continuous research of quality to guarantee where possible the constancy of the product.

Why use only excellent quality cocoa

The beneficent characteristics of the chocolate don’t limit him to the pleasure given from the taste and to the pleasantness of the product;
the increasing number of studies with positive result on the positive actions on the state of mind thanks to the serotonin, the importance of the endorphins, the advantages that this jewel food brings against the development of the Disease of Alzheimer, they not only confer to the chocolate the characteristic of activator of the positive mood but also to empower health. The consumption of chocolate must be privileged towards other products rich of fats.
F% for its own chocolates uses only organic cane sugar to assure the neutrality of this fundamental component. Every cocoa mono origin is combined to a sugar with matching flavor. Therefore several are the nations where F% purchases cane sugar because the variety of climatic areas offered different and well countersigned aromas, this job of selection and matching makes the various typologies of chocolate F% one of a kind.

Production process
F% to guarantee the control of the whole productive chain “Bean to Bar”, has realized in Ecuador, country from which mostly purchase cocoa, a series of preferential accords that allows it to be able to access to selected origins being able to control and guard all the process from the harvest, to the fermentation, to the manual selection, up to choose the correct roasting method lot by lot before proceeding with the bacterial hygiene and the grinding.
This great effort guarantees
that the seeds of cocoa of every single origin are valorised in country of origin joining local partner companies before to transport to the Italian factory where they will be refined in licor and then concato so that the cocoa mass obtained will be an excellent base for the chocolate that will be produced. F% it is surely one of the few companies that manages and that
can guarantee the whole process at 360°, from the origin until to the finish product. F% it is able to offer the result of its own structure of control and production available for private label and also for a line of LAB products dedicated to firms, artisans, patisseries, restaurants and ice-creamery that desire to use a cocoa of excellence.
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